Lime Street to undergo £35m regeneration

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New impression of Lime Street regeneration Pic by ©NeptuneDevelopments

New impression of Lime Street regeneration Pic by ©NeptuneDevelopments

Liverpool Lime Street’s £35m regeneration could be given the green light despite Mayor Joe Anderson criticising the plans as “not very impressive”.

It follows Neptune Developments and Regeneration Liverpool revealing new images of the project, including a new hotel, retail and student accommodation stretching between The Vines and The Crown pubs.

The refurbishment will see part of the historic Futurist building demolished, much to the disappointment of local campaigners.

A spokesperson from Save the Futurist campaign told JMU Journalism: “It is a real shame if the project is to go ahead because so many people identify Lime Street with this building. To knock down such an iconic landmark would be very saddening to a lot of people.”

Development officials reassured campaigners that a section of the building is to be incorporated into the new site before plans are to be approved.

Mayor Anderson responded to the proposal claims by tweeting: “Not very impressive plans needs and will be reviewed before approval”.

His comments received wide support from followers who want Liverpool city councillors to reconsider their plans concerning the city centre’s busiest street. This is despite Councillor Nick Small welcoming the development, describing it as an improvement to the area.

Steve Parry, Neptune’s managing director, added: “The key driver of this is to tidy up Lime Street and have good quality occupants at the entrance of the city. We see doing this as part of our agreement with the city for the Knowledge Quarter. This is part of an overall master plan for Lime Street and the Knowledge Quarter.”

Former cinema ABC will also undergo refurbishment as part of the project with the grade II listed building featuring its own TV studio and playing host to large crowds to attract international music and comedy artists.

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