Last stand with his band in cancer battle

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Rusty Goldfish in The Shrimper © Rusty Goldfish Facebook

Rusty Goldfish in The Shrimper © Rusty Goldfish Facebook

A musician with terminal lung cancer is touring local venues to raise money for Queenscourt Hospice; the charity that has supported him in his battle with the disease.

Queenscourt receives less than a third of its funding from the NHS and the rest of the running costs money comes from charitable donations and Nigel ‘Ossie’ Osbourne wants to help them out.

The ex-postman and swimming instructor from Southport was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, but was told in August that it is terminal.

Since his diagnosis he has been touring Southport’s local pubs with his five-piece band, Rusty Goldfish, to give something back and try to raise as much money as possible for charity.

The 60-year-old bassist told the Southport Visiter: “I do struggle with my breathing, so I don’t know how long I am going to be able to carry on playing with the group. I just turn up and the group set everything up for me and I am able to sit down and play as well.”

Bandmate Jenny Wren, who is also a teacher at Larkfield Primary School, told JMU Journalism: “It’s very inspirational. Ossie is a marvel. He is managing to come to rehearsals and gigs but he struggles now. He has to sit down to play and can’t lift anything now.”

Jenny, who is the singer and saxophone player of the band, added: “The band will support Ossie until the end and we are doing as many gigs as Ossie is able to do.”

With over £400 raised for Queenscourt so far, the band is keen to keep up the fundraising and the musicians will play their next gig at The Shrimper on Fylde Road on December 12th.

They hope people that can’t make it down will still support the cause.

Ossie said: “There is not one person in Southport who doesn’t know someone who has been helped by Queenscourt.”

Click here if you wish to make a donation.

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