Knowsley welcomes first Iberian Wolves

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Iberian Wolves ©Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Iberian Wolves © Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Knowsley Safari Park has welcomed two Iberian Wolves, which are the first to live at the park in the 42 years it has been open.

The wolves, who are sisters named Maria and Marina, are one-and-a-half years’ old and come from Gaia Zoo in Holland.

The new additions will be fed a diet of deer and wild boar to replicate what they would eat in the wild.

In the future, the park plans to bring in a breeding male which the keepers hope will foster a small breeding pack as would be found in the wild.

Maria and Marina are expected to grow to 30kg and 1.5m tall by the time they reach five years’ old.

Visitors will be able to see their fur colour change throughout the seasons over the year. For the winter months they have reddish brown fur but in the spring, this colour will change to grey with white facial markings.

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