Knowsley Social to host socially distanced festival

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Families will be entertained in a socially distanced setting

The Knowsley Social will host the north west’s biggest socially distanced festival in May.

The festival will be held in the grounds of the Knowsley Estate and run for nine weeks from May 20. There will be a built up tent that holds up to 1000 people fitted into 200 socially distanced pods for families to safely enjoy the event.

It will include a variety of branded events including Bongo’s Bingo, Hot Water Comedy Club, Liverpool Disco Festival and InDemand Radio. Other events will see performances from Heather Small, The Shapeshifters, Ibiza Philharmonic and many more varied acts. 

Event organiser Danny Thompson said: “I’m looking forward to seeing people come together again. For people like us who put events on, the biggest kick you can get is when you see people enjoying themselves.

“The event is something the north west needs at the moment and the team wanted to make it a really local event, welcoming big local brands to the stage.”

Knowsley has seen very high Covid-19 infection numbers over the past 12 months but, with the rate per 100,000 dropping to 46.4, it is looking much better for a safe outdoor event.

Mr Thompson said: “The team have gone above and beyond to create an arena that visitors can feel safe in, from vigorous table cleaning and one-way systems, to toilets being cleaned after each use and masks being worn by attendees when escorted to their pods.”

People have missed going out and enjoying events like these throughout lockdown, but also entertainers have not been able to perform to a crowd of people. The festival will bring together all types of entertainers to a crowd of different people. 

Mr Thompson said: “People have been starved of not being able to go out and enjoy themselves but the performers haven’t been able to do what they love doing. It’ll probably be quite an emotional trip as well for people to get back to what they love and for others to watch them doing it.”


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