Kirkdale bomb scare is ‘elaborate hoax’

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Police closed roads this morning due ta bomb scare in Kirkdale

Police closed roads this morning due to a bomb scare in Kirkdale

After a suspicious package was found this morning on Woodbine Street, Kirkdale, Army bomb experts have lifted road cordons as they described the package as “not viable”.

Police say the device was part of an elaborate hoax.

At around 2.30am this morning, Merseyside Police were called to the site after a member of the public found the package near Commercial Road in Kirkdale, Liverpool.

People were then evacuated from their houses as a precautionary measure, while the Army Explosive Ordinance Unit was called to the scene.

The package was described as being a small box with wires coming from it.  Locals living in close proximity to the package were taken to the nearby Everton Community Centre.

One resident, Patricia Carmichael, told JMU Journalism: “They woke us up with banging on the door.  I hadn’t any clue of what was happening but we went with them down to the community centre on the bus.”

At the time of the scare a member of Mersey Police said: “we have cordoned off the area as a matter of precaution.”

It was only after just under eight hours of examination that the device was deemed “not viable”.  The cordons set-up by police have since been lifted and the roads have been re-opened.


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