Jobs lost after market closure

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Broadway, Norris Green © Sue Adair/Wikipedia/ Creative Commons

Broadway, Norris Green © Sue Adair/Wikipedia/ Creative Commons

Traders at a Liverpool market have been left devastated by the news of its closure.

Liverpool City Council will be shutting the Broadway Market in Norris Green at the end of May due to lack of funding with the loss of 32 jobs.

No compensation will be offered to the traders, despite the fact that many of the businesses have operated on the site for decades.

The council claim the indoor market was not fulfilling its capability as most of the stalls were vacant. Without some sort of profit the council has announced that it cannot afford to keep the premises open.

It is said that 32 people will lose their income from the closure of the building, including Steve Moss, who runs a hairdressing business called ‘Hairmazing’.

He said: “Some of the stallholders have been here for many years and loads of people come to the market to socialise. It means we’ll have no business, no livelihood and people will be out of work and on the dole.”

The council has defended the closure, reminding the public that it has to make significant cuts over the next year.

Simon McEneny, the council’s assistant director, said: “As such the council is required to look at all options to save money. Given the financial pressures the council are facing, unfortunately it cannot continue to operate a market from the current premises at Broadway.”

The council has announced plans to open alternative premises for those left without a place for their business. This will operate once-a-week at a car park nearby.

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