JMU student leads Everest climb

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©Dig Deep charity: Everest Base Camp event

A Liverpool student is searching for volunteers to climb Mount Everest with him for charity.

Dominic Edwards is looking for 20 students at Liverpool John Moores University to raise money to climb the world’s highest mountain next year for the Dig Deep charity.

The 20 students will face physical and mental challenges as they climb as a team to the Everest Base Camp. Dominic, who is a 21-year-old coaching development student at JMU is excited to get started. He told JMU Journalism: “I can’t wait to start fundraising and I would pitch this to anyone. It’s mainly the desire to get involved and if they have any experience in fundraising or events that would help.”

The Everest charity event will be a 21-day trek with an extra eight days for spare time. The three-week expedition consists of two days of hiking, followed by one day of acclimatisation so that the volunteers can cope with oxygen levels and be able to stay together as a team.

Dominic added: “The type of person you need to be to get involved is outgoing but also know how to understand other people’s needs. We don’t want people to run up the mountain, look down and say hurry up everyone else. We want really good team work skills, and to be able to help others because you can only go as fast up the mountain as quick as the slowest person.”

Fundraising for the event will include street event techniques, a half marathon and also a humorous ‘Take Me Out’ night at Baa Bar in Liverpool. Each volunteer will need to raise around £2500 each: 40% will go towards the Everest climb, and 60% of the money raised with go to the charity Dig Deep.

This small charity help communities in Kenya have clean water, improve sanitation and renewable energy, such as wells and other technologies.

There are still places to get involved and Dominic also added it will help students personally. “It’s a great opportunity and charity to get involved with. It will help to enhance my leadership skills, because my future job is to go into football coaching, but it is good for young students so they can enhance their CV and develop skills like managing events. It will look good for them and hopefully it will stand them in good stead when they look for jobs in the future,” he said.

If anyone at JMU is interested they should contact Dominic at for more information.


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