JMU Journalism hires new media crew

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New Liverpool Life Editor Rachael Bentham and Politics Editor David Williamson

Final year students at JMU Journalism have had an intense first week back at uni, with a series of lectures and sessions designed to recruit the 2012/13 website media crew.

While the opening weeks of the first two years of ‘study’ tend to involve a great deal of sleep, alcohol and the occasional lecture, JMU Journalism’s new editorial team hasn’t had such luxuries.

With jobs on the website up for grabs, plenty of third years’ first week back included not only gathering new stories, coming up with dissertation plans and begging for work placement positions, but also a ten-minute grilling from John Mathews to earn roles on JMU Journalism.

New Sports Editor Joe Barnes summed up the general mood in the camp after the reality shock kicked in: “I’d like to say it’s been easing back in, but it’s been more like jumping! It’s been busy, hectic, but a good introduction,” said Joe, who joins Scott Rumsey in looking after our sports coverage.

He added: “It’s been a good chance to get involved and add a professional side to what we’ve been learning.”

One of our new Sports Editors, Joe Barnes

Liverpool Life Editor Rachael Bentham was pleased to get the job she was hoping for, and said: “It’s a lot to take in but after the first week that we’ve just had, I’m a lot more excited to get more involved, especially with the website. I’m really excited to get started on the stories we’ve talked about.”

Rachael worked on the Echo’s Liverpool Communities news section last year and wants to be a print journalist in the future, using her work on the JMU Journalism website to help prepare for life outside of university.

She said: “I wanted to get more experience as part of a news team. I’m looking forward to covering bigger stories than we have for the past two years and working in more of a work-based environment rather than a student learning environment. It’ll be a lot of pressure but if we can manage our time properly then it’ll be a great experience.”

JMU Journalism’s new media crew, also known as Rocky VI after six successful years of hard-hitting, student-driven work-based projects, seems up for the challenge in this latest adventure.

Website Editor Sam McDonnell, who earned the top editorial role alongside Josh Parry, said: “In Rocky VI they wheeled out a tired old boxer for one last fight. Though the 2012-13 website team has its fair share of old men, there’s plenty of fight in us to leave the previous years in our wake and we’re hungry to get bigger, better stories every day. We’re starting something and these really are exciting times.”

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