Irish eyes smiling on new shipping route

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BG Freight Line ships are soon to move containers direct between Cork and Liverpool. Pic © Wikimedia Commons

Both Liverpool and the city of Cork look set to benefit from plans for the first direct shipping route between the two locations.

Planned to open up at the end of March, the route across the Irish Sea will be run by BG Freight Line and will allow Cork to utilise this city’s deep-sea shipping capabilities at the new Liverpool2 dock.

The agents of BG Freight Line, Leeside Shipping, announced the plans and state that they expect both of the cities to benefit greatly from the service.

Bob Barkley, Managing Director of Leeside Shipping, says that a lot of deep-sea business that will now pass through the Port of Liverpool. He said: “This is trade that would previously have been trans-shipped at other European ports, such as Antwerp and Rotterdam.”

The £400 million investment of Liverpool2, which opened in November, recently welcomed its largest ever ship, the HS Paris, and is the reason for BG Freight Line moving more traffic through the port.

For businesses in Liverpool, the additional route means that containers no longer have to pass through Dublin to reach Cork.

For the Irish city, the route opens up easier access to the north of England, the Midlands and Scotland, whilst also allowing options further afield with Canada, the east coast of America and the Mediterranean now accessible through Liverpool2. Despite increased shipping, Leeside Shipping insists that Liverpool will have no problem handling the extra berthing.

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