International profile: Amy Konate

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Name:  Amy Konate
Age: 19
Nationality: French
Hometown: Paris

Why did you decide to come to Liverpool?
I wanted to do journalism but with somewhere with a good music scene. I also like the Beatles too. I lived in Newcastle for five months and everyone said Liverpool was a great city and John Moores was a really good place to do Journalism and mix music with it.

What is the biggest difference between Liverpool and your hometown?
Well first the weather, then the food definitely. I’d say there was a difference with the people too. Paris is a very big city and I think we are all really arrogant, posh, annoying and boring whereas here everyone is really friendly and it’s all about having fun. I was in uni in France (studying for an International Business BA) and you don’t go out and drink as much as when you’re in England either.

What is special about your home country?
It’s all about fashion when you live in Paris. I think people are really in England are really trendy and think about what they wear but in Paris it’s even worse. When you talk to people and they speak about Paris it’s always the fashion there that they’ve noticed.

What was the most exciting moment for you since you came to Liverpool?
I was really excited about coming to Liverpool and making new friends, but it’s actually been exciting coming to uni every day. Life here is just exciting, living the student life and going out, meeting new people but also I really like what I’m doing on the course. It’s quite hard for me as I’m still improving my grammar but I love it so I love my course as well which is kind of an excitement for me. But if I had to say one thing I’d say the nights out – and how cheap they are.

Is there anything that strikes you as odd since you’ve arrived in the UK?
The men. Boys are very different to how they are in Paris. They are much more forward here. It’s not just a cliché, French men are much more gentle and reserved than the English.

What is your favourite place in Liverpool?
One of my favourite clubs to go to is Bumper as I like the music there and the place itself, so that’s one of my favourites so far.

Amy graduated in July 2012


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