Interactive game ‘Deadline’ at Biennial

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The ‘Deadline’ assassins

A group of emerging artists is trying to change people’s perception of art by creating a day-long interactive game, ‘Deadline’, as part of the Biennial festival.

The director, Tamsin Cook, is a Liverpool John Moores University graduate, and she was chosen to have a six-month internship on Hope Street Limited’s emerging artists’ programme.

Tamsin told JMU Journalism: “We’re all selected artists from around the area. We all had auditions, and had to show our portfolios. There’s a team of designers, actors, filmmakers, stage managers, a production manager, creative producer, and I’m the director.”

‘Deadline’ is an interactive action game, which will be played across Liverpool on Saturday. Participants will be in teams of ten, and will have to find clues across the city, and meet a deadline in order to win; all while being chased by assassins, dressed in red headscarfs and holding black umbrellas.

Tamsin said: “The live action roleplay is a really expanding form, and people are getting in to it. We did a rehearsal the other day, and made the actors play the game, and the production team set up some clues. They loved it; they went absolutely mad. They found the assassins so eerie.”

With ‘Deadline’ being part of the Biennial, the nine teams will have to fight to find clues within other pieces of art from the other various Biennial exhibitions.

Tamsin told JMU Journalism: “I’m really excited about the art, as the Biennial has procured some really good spaces this year, and what we’re trying to do is introduce people to the art in a new and exciting way. Deadline is not exactly theatre in a theatre setting, but it’s peppered with theatrical intervention, and multimedia in some places, that our filmmakers have been working on.”

Graduating with a First in Drama in May, Tamsin told JMU Journalism why this internship was right for her.

She said: “JMU are really supportive to graduates throughout the city. It works differently for different people, but, for me, this is a step between university and the professional world. For me, people will only pay you if you have experience, and this is a really good way of getting that and meeting new people.”

‘Deadline’ starts at 11am on Saturday 20th October at Everton Park, with tickets costing £5.


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