Installation shines light on city’s culture

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Polaris light installation at Chavasse Park. Pic © JMU Journalism

A new light installation inspired by Liverpool’s culture has launched in the city.

‘Polaris- Dare to Dream’ is illuminating Chavasse Park as part of Liverpool One’s Christmas celebrations.

The artwork consists of 88 colour changing LED cubes, which are controlled by a computer.

The main structure stands tall in the centre of the park and invites people to weave between the colourful cubes and explore inside.

Surrounding it are columns which represent Liverpool society’s pillars; the people, art, music, trade, education and sport.

Polaris was created especially for Liverpool by artist Mark Robinson, paying homage to how Merseyside’s culture has proved so far-reaching and, in return, the worldwide influences seen in the city today.

Creator Mark said: “Every time people visit, whether it is day, dusk or evening, there will be something different to see. The exhibit is inspired by the brightest star in the constellation.

“It is designed to show how far and wide Liverpool’s culture has spread. It has been wonderful creating such a unique piece for the city.”

Polaris is open until January 6th and will be lit 24 hours a day.

YouTube: Chantelle McKeever

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