Indigo City girl band find fifth member

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Lucinka and two other members of Indigo City at the recording studio

Lucinka and two other members of Indigo City at the recording studio

Local girl band Indigo City have recruited their fifth member and are now working towards securing a major record deal.

Lucinka Hodnett, 20, has joined the band after a whirlwind audition where she managed to wow the other members, Lottie Britton, 24, Sophie Parry, 25, Laura Wakefield, 22 and Olivia Thomas, 24, with her rendition of Adele’s ‘ One and Only’.

Lucinka, a makeup artist from Cheshire, said: “I have always said to my friends how much I wanted to be in a girl band. I just thought it looked so much fun. When the girls contacted me they said they’d seen me on Facebook and liked my style and would I be interested in going for an audition? I couldn’t believe it. I just thought ‘you only live once’ so I went along and really loved the vibe the girls gave out.”

The girl band first formed in 2010 and since then has performed at Chester Rocks and numerous charity events to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. They are due to sing at the Miss Liverpool pageant as well as Chester Marathon later on in the year.

The girls have been working on their first studio album with the hopes of being signed later on this year.

Lucinka said: “As a group already, we’ve become really close and we all share the same ambition. We are hoping to finish recording our first EP by the end of March and then we’re planning to release a free iTunes download so people can get a taste of what we’re about.”

The group are aiming to establish themselves on a much bigger scale in the coming months and its amazed Lucinka how quickly she’s become close with the other girls.

She said: “We all just clicked. I loved it. Recording in the studio was everything you imagined. It’s hard work though don’t get me wrong. The late hours and lack of sleep can really take their toll but the girls are all so amazing we just encourage each other all the time.”

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