Huge drop in crime rates

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Crime in the Merseyside region has fallen 41% over the past five years, according to new statistics released by the Home Office.

The figures show how crimes such as criminal damage, vehicle offences and violence have dropped, reducing the number of victims in Merseyside by 3.1% in a year. Over the last few years, Merseyside has seen a consistent reduction in crime, overall amounting to 69,000 fewer offences since 2005.

Assistant Chief Constable Helen King said that the decrease reflects the hard work and dedication of police officers in the city who are working to reduce violent crime in our communities.

She added: “It is positive news that in Merseyside, incidents of violence are lower than the national average. On Merseyside we have seen a fall of 10% in reports of violence compared to a 7.9% drop nationally.”

Chairman of Merseyside Police Authority, Cllr Bill Weightman, said: “The reduction in overall crime, and especially the significant reductions we have seen in violence, criminal damage and vehicle crime, are also evidence our police officers and staff remain dedicated to the task in hand despite the challenging financial environment.”

However, spending cuts within the force have been met with feelings of uncertainty and a perceived lack of safety among some members of the public.

Mrs Kate James, 29, a full-time mother from Liverpool said: “Over Christmas there were three serious incidents with a mile from my house. We need all the police officers that we can get, these cuts are petrifying. These results just show that the officers we have left are hard working and dedicated.”

Sheila Connolly, 50, who is part of Neighbourhood Watch group in the city, said that the figures show police are working to make Liverpool a safer place: “The decrease in crime is a big positive because it makes the streets feel a little safer.

“Liverpool is a great place to live and we don’t want that to be overshadowed by our crime rates and these statistics show that we are on our way to improving them.”

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