Howl-oween as pups take centre stage

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Halloween puppy parade. Pic © Chloe George/JMU Journalism

Canine lovers of Liverpool were in for a treat on Sunday, as Merseyside Dogs’ Home and Brewdog bar organised a Halloween fancy dress competition and spooky parade of puppies.

Owners brought their beloved pets out to the grounds of St Luke’s Church dressed in a range of creative costumes, which judges then rated by awarding six dogs rosettes for the best-dressed pooches in the show.

The dogs were later taken out on a walk through the city to show off their outfits, and free doggy beer was provided for the four-legged participants.

Dogs came dressed as bats, spiders, skeletons, and even as an astronaut from the 1979 film Alien, which won the top prize in the first group that was judged.

YouTube: Marcella Rick, JMU Journalism TV

All breeds and ages were welcome, and the Bombed Out Church saw an influx of pugs in tutus, poodles dressed as pumpkins and greyhounds costumed as ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

At the end of the day, the dog which won best in show was a three legged English Bull Terrier whose owner carried a fake leg around in a bag.

Halloween puppy parade. Pic © Chloe George/JMU Journalism

The event was to raise money for Merseyside Dogs home – a charity that takes care and rehouses over 600 abandoned animals a year.

Angela Carrigan, from Merseyside Dogs Home, thought the event was a big success. She told JMU journalism; “It went really well – as well as we planned. Obviously the weather really helped as it was cool and dry all day.

“In all we raised over £2,000 for Merseyside Dogs home, all of our classes sold out – most of them before the day. We did it in partnership with Brewdog and they came down to help with the judging. Everyone really enjoyed it.”

YouTube: Chloe George

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