How this website saved my degree

So it is finally here, the home stretch, the last semester of my University life. How time flies!

I remember the days of rolling out of bed ten minutes before I had to be in a lecture and jogging down to the Dean Walters building probably stinking of last night’s dangerously cheap booze.

Not anymore though. Since the move to the Innovation Park down Edge Lane, I have to actually hop on a bus in order to be late.

With the change of buildings however, has also come a change of attitude from myself towards my degree.

Gone are the days of just coasting through my education thinking that there will always be the next time to make the marks up. My time here at University is almost up and I believe I knuckled down just in time to salvage my degree, and therefore my career.

I put this transformation largely down to this website that you are glancing at right now. Being involved in something more than just submitting coursework and revising for exams has really given me a sense of achievement. And I can safely say that I am proud to see my stories being published on such a fantastic website.

I am not for one minute claiming that I have become the model student, far from it. I still have my problems with punctuality and motivating myself, but don’t we all?

What I can say is that I owe a great deal to this website as I firmly believe that it has helped me to better myself as a student and more importantly, as a journalist.

I have developed a greater hunger for gathering exclusive stories, acquiring high standard interviews and making my articles as interesting as possible.

Time-management is going to play a major part in whether I achieve my goals this year as the dreaded dissertation deadline edges ever closer, and the workload continuesto pile up.

A few weeks back I updated my Facebook status with a quote from Muhammad Ali to provide me with some much needed inspiration. It read: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

I will let you know in May if it worked.

My dissertation is about how Michael Jackson’s death was handled by the media.

I’d better be getting on with it then…

This Is It.

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