Hospital prepares for The Big Drop

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TheRoyal Liverpool Hospital ©victoriapeckham/Flickr/creativecommons

A spectacular event is taking place for the last time this month to raise funds for the Royal Liverpool University hospital.

‘The Big Drop’ is an event which allows fundraisers to abseil 200ft down the side of the hospital, one of the highest buildings in Liverpool.

The challenge has been undertaken by over 1,200 people since it started in 2005, raising more than £130,000 in the process, but this is the final year the event will take place.

Loren Slade, who is in charge of community events and fundraising at the hospital, said: “People can take part in order to raise money for sections of the hospital including cancer, stroke, renal and critical care, or they can do it for other various charitable organisations.

“The army guys come and help us with the event and we are just making use of the building and the surrounding views.”

The hospital boasts stunning views of Liverpool Bay and beyond including the Pennines and Snowdonia on a clear day. The event will offer people the chance to experience the thrills of abseiling while raising money – as well as seeing Liverpool from a unique perspective.

The event is being aided by soldiers from the Royal Artillery Display team who will use their expertise and training in abseiling to help the people who are participating to make sure the fundraisers have a safe, enjoyable day they aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

However, with the plans in place to build a brand new Royal Liverpool Hospital next to where the current one stands, Loren has said that this will definitely be the last Big Drop event: “For the last event there are around 200 people looking to take part.

“It is also the last event for the people who normally come and help us, as they cannot do it anymore.”

The ‘Big Drop’ event is taking place on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October.

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