Homeless choir to release charity single

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The Choir With No Name while rehearsing at The Bluecoat. Pic © Stephen Bramhill © JMU Journalism

A Liverpool choir is bidding to make an impression on the charts by releasing a charity single to raise funds.

The Choir with No Name, which sings in support of rough sleepers, released their single, ‘This Is Me’, to mark World Homeless Day last Thursday.

The choir, which is in four cities including Liverpool, was established in 2014 and it contributed to the song along with the other groups based in Brighton, Birmingham and London.

The ‘This Is Me’ campaign aims to change the message regarding homelessness. This is to alter the stigma that their situation is somehow the fault or misfortune of an individual, to the fact that it is a society that requires help and generosity from people and organisations, such as The Choir with No Name.

This charity has given people who have or still are experiencing homelessness an opportunity to join a community which has strong values such as togetherness and solidarity.

The Liverpool choir, who rehearse every Wednesday at The Bluecoat at 7pm, is made up of homeless and marginalised people in the city.

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When asked about the new single, the choir manager, Ema Quinn, expressed her excitement regarding the project as well as the values of the charity.

She told JMU Journalism: “It is ridiculously exciting. We’ve never done anything like that before for all of our four choirs, 170 members coming together it’s just incredibly exciting. Members are telling us things like it’s a dream come true to be doing something like this.

“The Choir with No Name is all about family and a place to belong and a place where you can leave the struggles you might be having on the side to come and have fun. That’s what we’re about because whoever you are, whatever you’ve experienced in life, everybody deserves a safe place to have fun.”

The Choir with No Name will make no profits from their single and all proceeds from the song will go towards the charity for their future funding.

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