Healthy eating on menu at St George’s Hall

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Healthy salad © Jessica Bond

Healthy salad © Jessica Bond

Healthy eaters can discover a more eco-friendly version of themselves at Liverpool’s ‘Live a Better Life’ showcase this weekend.

This Saturday, St George’s Hall will be filled with over 120 stalls around the theme of ethical and healthy living.

Live a Better Life has attracted over 2,500 people at previous fairs in 2013/14, both with the same focus of inspiring people to use and buy organic and Fairtrade products.

Running from 10am–4pm, the fair is open to anyone who wants to learn about how to be more ethical with their food, drink, health, beauty and fashion.

Everything at the event will be completely vegan and cruelty free, to encourage sustainable living.

Anyone struggling to think of new recipes can watch cooking demonstrations and come away with fresh ideas to spice up their meals.

There are also stalls about key issues that the campaign aims to bring to people’s attention, including initiatives about progressive politics and nuclear disarmament.

Collin Allen, one of the Ethical and Health Foundation directors, told JMU Journalism: “When living this kind of lifestyle it can take years to come across all this information so it’s great to have a multi-theme event to bring everything together in one place. By the time they’ve worked their way around the hall they’ve probably got all the information it took me to gain in 30 years.

“The world is changing for young people and the future could be quite bleak if something doesn’t change. It’s all about trying to encourage people in that positive direction and to inspire them to be a part of the change.”

The foundation is run by a group of 20 volunteers who aim to bring together lots of groups and organisations that promote ethical treatment of the environment.

Proceeds from the showcase are put back into organising future events and support campaigns for ethical and healthy living.

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