Group fighting green belt plans

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An area of land that has been proposed for building © Fragoff/Twitter

A local action group is submitting a petition to Sefton Council in the hope of preserving the environment and protecting the green belt.

Formby Residents Action Group Opposition From Formby (FRAGOFF) this morning submitted a list of over 4,000 petition signatures to Sefton Council in their bid to halt the proposed developments in the area that could potentially harm the green belt.

The group is hoping to persuade the council to rethink the approved plans for new major housing developments in Formby, as well as opposing all building of green belt land.

Speaking to JMU Journalism, chairperson Maria Bennett said: “The Green Belt was put into place to stop urban sprawl and whilst we do not object to new buildings or affordable houses this has to be done in a responsible way and affordable should mean affordable for the young people who want these types of houses.

“The developers will not be building affordable houses on green belt, this is used to increase their profits, which are very large profits on this type of land,” she said.“Our aims are to make the public aware of the reasons why a local plan is not in place and the effect that will have on the whole of the country in respect of any rulings of building on green belt land.

“We are also of the opinion that good quality agricultural land which is designated as green belt should be protected for all future generations so that we can continue to farm and grow crops in the future and not be reliant completely on imports.”

The petition is to be formally presented to the council on Thursday evening, and FRAGOFF will be staging a demonstration outside Southport Town Hall. As the petition is presented to the full council, FRAGOFF will be given five minutes to address the assembly and formally call on all 66 councillors to sit and debate the Local Planning Policy.

FRAGOFF was formed in August 2012, just eight days after David Wilson Homes announced plans to build up to 400 homes on green belt land in Formby. Since then, the group has generated the support of over 5,000 people with regular awareness meetings and events.

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