Green Party hits out at conference

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Sam Coats from the Young Greens

Green Party members hit out over cuts to public spending when they held their annual spring conference at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool.

Delegates from around the country gathered in the city to discuss politics, green issues, and measures to lead the party forward, with the main speech given by party leader, and the only Green MP in the UK, Caroline Lucas.

Other significant people present were deputy leader Adrian Ramsay, London Mayoral Candidate, Jenny Jones, and Wales Green Party Leader, Pippa Bartolotti.

Sam Coats from the Young Greens said one of the main causes for concern among party members has been the focus on cuts in mainstream politics.

JMU Journalism Radio: Green Party Conference in Liverpool

Green Party conference in Liverpool

He told JMU Journalism: “The difference is largely that the three large parties made cuts in the welfare state. The reaction should be to invest money in new jobs, in green industry and energy. We also want more private sector jobs, as this will stimulate demand.”

Aside from the conference speeches, there were training groups and debates, as well as the election of John Coyne as the Green Party candidate to become Liverpool’s elected mayor.

One of the main new initiatives discussed at the Green Party Conference is a scheme called 30 under 30.

Mr Coats explained: “This is trying to find 30 talents under 30. Our policy is investing in the future for young people. It is terrible now and they are cutting back on education. Higher education is a public good and this should not been taken away.”

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