Grass is greener on Wirral’s sandy beaches

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The grass growing over West Kirby beach. Pic © JMU Journalism

Conflicting opinions have been expressed over the state of the Wirral shorefront as grass is encroaching on the sandy outlook.

Both the West Kirby and Hoylake beaches have been steadily covered by ever-growing grass over the years and now a dilemma has arisen over what to do about it.

Locals appear split, with some arguing that the grass is ruining the picturesque location but others are asking for nature to be allowed to take its course.

Colin Clayton, Wirral Council’s assistant director for delivery services, said: “Some would want to see it maintained as a sandy beach and others want to allow a natural development, which can include increasing plant growth.”

Conservative Councillor, Andrew Gardner told JMU Journalism he feels action should be taken.

He said: “I fail to see the logic in what is being done. Hoylake has stopped being raked whereas West Kirby and New Brighton still are and they are in better condition because of this.

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“You can argue that nature should be left to do its job but where do you stop with that logic? Do we let parks overgrow?

“If you were in Tranmere and about to lose Victoria Park you’d be doing what the people of Hoylake are and trying to kick your councillor’s door down to get them to take action.

“The council banned the chemical Glyphosate being sprayed on the beach, but I would say it certainly isn’t as toxic to wildlife as the Green Party would want you to believe.”

Members of the public had their say on the issue. Bethany Paige of West Kirby told JMU Journalism: “Nature shouldn’t be interrupted, in my opinion. Just let it grow, it shouldn’t be up to us to change an environment just so it looks nicer.”

Callum Magee from Hoylake said: “I mean I think it looks awful, don’t get me wrong, but spraying chemicals all over the beach is surely worse for the environment and local ecosystem than just have it stay there.”

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