Grandad inspires Walk All Over Cancer fundraiser

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Walk all over cancer

Charlotte Macaulay and her grandad

A woman from Liverpool is using her grandad as inspiration for her first ever Walk All Over Cancer.

Charlotte MacAuley’s grandad passed away just three weeks atfter being diagnosed with cancer. At the time, the family did not know his diagnosis was terminal, but learned during the last days of his life that they would never see him again.

Charlotte said: “My Grandad was my rock and was like a second father to me and my brother, so losing him was like losing a part of myself.

“I still miss him so much, but I know that he would be proud of the young woman he raised and by doing this fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, I know I would be giving a chance for those who are currently in what was my Grandad’s position.”

Walk All Over Cancer is a fundraiser ran by Cancer Research UK where those taking part walk 10,000 steps every day in March. The money raised is used for life-saving research.

Charlotte’s fundraiser has already reached over her target of £150 before the first week has even finished. The steps goal is 10,000 but Charlotte is not stopping there and is aiming for bigger walks on the weekends in hopes to boost donations along with incorporating different workouts such as skipping.

hey all, please dont forget to donate what you can. i start my 10,000 steps each day on monday and would really…

Posted by Charlotte Macaulay on Saturday, 27 February 2021

Charlotte’s is one of many families that have been greatly affected by cancer.

Liverpool Sunflowers helps support people and their families who are affected by long term conditions or living with cancer. They provide a number of facilities that include; counselling, nutrition, anxiety retreats, exercise specific to the condition and complementary therapies such as lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology and reiki.

Development manager Bobby Magee, said: “The way Sunflowers works we tend to be the pillow that’s needed for the emotional freefall that cancer can spring on an individual and those around them.

“Sunflowers is structured to support everyone not as a crutch to hold forever but as an organic push in the right direction and that push coming from many different helping hands.”

We hope to be able to open our doors again at some point this year but until then, don’t forget we have a number of…

Posted by Sunflowers on Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Liverpool Sunflowers do not take part in challenges like Walk All Over Cancer, but rather raise awareness of how you can best live with the disease.

Charlotte’s future plans to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK is to do Race for Life one year.

She is also wants to get her family and friends involved while continuing to post on social media to help raise awareness of signs of cancer.

She said: “There is a lot of stigma out there with the word cancer. People are afraid of saying it. Please, don’t be afraid!

“We need to encourage others to go and get checked out if they need to, and encourage people to speak out and seek help if they are struggling with either having cancer or knowing someone who has cancer or who has had it.

“Together we can raise as much money as we can.”

You can donate to Charlotte’s fundraiser HERE


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