Google CEO responds to Chloe’s query

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Seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater stunned to receive a reply from ‘Google Boss’ after sending in job application. Pic © Andy Bridgewater

A seven-year-old girl from Huyton penned a letter to ‘Google Boss’ asking for a job, and was stunned when its CEO replied.

Chloe Bridgewater sent a handwritten note to the tech company to inform them of her computer skills and interest in working in a place where she can “go down slides and ride go-karts”.

After speaking to her father about his job, Chloe was encouraged to write a letter to Google to see if they had any openings.

Her father, Andy Bridgewater, shared his delight at receiving the reply on business networking site LinkedIn, and has received 13 million views on the post alone.

He told JMU Journalism: “I gave her the suggestion when writing the letter. But, when we received the response we were all amazed. Chloe was jumping up and down.

“The ‘perks’ really interested her. She asked about my job and that is pretty boring so she asked where I would like to work, and I said Google would be cool. She then googled google and saw all the cool images, so then she applied.”

The young girl, who now lives in her mother’s home town of Hereford, makes a pretty strong case in her application and even includes references from her school teachers.

Part of Chloe’s letter reads: “Dear Google Boss. My name is Chloe and when I am bigger I would like a job with Google… my dad said I can sit on bean bags and go down slides and ride go-karts in a job in Google. I like computers too and have a tablet I play games on.

“My dad gave me a game where I have to move a robot up and down squares. He said it will be good for me to learn about computers. My dad said he will get me a computer one day. I am seven years old and my teachers tell my mum and dad I am very good in class and I am good at my spelling and reading and my sums. My dad told me if I carry on being good and learning then one day I will be able to have a job at Google.

“My sister Hollie is also very clever but she likes dolls and dressing up. She is five. My dad told me to give you an application to get a job in Google. I don’t really know what one of them is but he said a letter will do for now.”

Chloe, whose only previous letter was sent to Father Christmas, was thrilled to get a response.

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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s reply reads: “Dear Chloe, Thank you so much for your letter. I’m glad that you like computers and robots, and I hope that you will continue to learn about technology.

“I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to – from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics.

“I look forward to receiving your job application when you’re finished with school. All the best to you and your family.”

With no plans in place for Chloe’s future career, parents Andy and Julie are encouraging their daughter to enjoy her childhood.

Mr Bridgewater added: “I’d like to think Chloe will work for them one day, but first she needs to be a kid and do kid things.”

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