Go-ahead for city centre video wall

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Forever 21 © McLaren Construction Group 2013

Forever 21 © McLaren Construction Group 2013

A touch of American retail will be coming to Liverpool as the Forever 21 store has been given the green light to add a video wall onto the side of the building.

The five-storey store – dubbed America’s version of Primark – is under construction on the corner of Church Street.

The council have approved plans for a 20ft screen to be attached to the side of the Whitechapel development which will mainly be used to advertise the store’s merchandise, but could also be used for public information announcements.

Michael Doran, Communications Manager at Liverpool city council, told JMU Journalism: “It’s a very interesting concept, and it’s definitely going to bring something new and exciting to the high street.

“The screen is really modern. There are plans for it to interact with people and show announcements.

“It can connect with other stores around the world as well, like in New York or LA.

“The brand its self will also attract a lot of attention.

“It’s the flagship store for the North West which is a huge testament to Liverpool and really shows the confidence they have in the city.”

While some have argued that the screen will be an eye-sore, Mr Doran said: “It’s not about ugliness, it’s just a screen.

“It’s about what it is showing and it’s all down to the content, which should be very exciting.”

The project has cost £25m and is expected to be completed sometime this year.

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