Global voice for free speech back at LJMU

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LJMU graduate Orna Herr poses with latest Index on Censorship edition. Pic © Daniel Williams JMU Journalism

A JMU Journalism graduate returned to Liverpool yesterday to outline her work at an internationally-renowned magazine and website.

Orna Herr, 31, works at the London-based Index on Censorship as this year’s recipient of the Tim Hetherington Fellowship – a year-long paid fellowship only available to LJMU journalism students.

She spoke to students about her experiences and was joined by editor-in-chief Rachael Jolley, who explained more about the work Index on Censorship does.

The award-winning quarterly magazine, which was created in 1972, reports on issues of freedom of expression around the world.

The magazine regularly commissions articles from journalists who live under hostile regimes to provide unique insight.

Rachael told students: “Quarterly magazines are the ultimate form of slow-form journalism – which is an interesting place to be in a world which is full of click-bait and instant reaction.

“It gives us a chance to do something really different with the journalism that we do.”

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Orna, who graduated with a Master’s degree last year, spoke about her achievements during the Fellowship, such as producing the Index on Censorship podcast and interviewing Richard Hine, the man behind the @realDonalDrumpf Twitter parody account.

The former Waterstones worker spoke about the challenges she faced since joining an international magazine as Editorial Assistant.

She said: “I didn’t know a lot about the international stuff. I had the naive perception that everywhere in Europe is quite liberal.

Editor for Index on Censorship, Rachael Jolley, at LJMU. Pic © Olivia Friett JMU Journalism.

“It’s all been a learning curve. You can’t know everything. I’ve learned so much through a lot of research. It’s a fellowship and you’re here to learn.”

Orna also reassured students who are looking to apply for the Fellowship but are reluctant to move to the capital.

She added: “I love London. It reminds me of Liverpool – it’s got that kind of bustle but much bigger. I have a similar lifestyle (as to when I lived in Liverpool).

“You’re not swimming in cash, but you can have a fun lifestyle.”

The Fellowship was set up to commemorate Liverpool-born photojournalist Tim Hetherington, who was killed by a mortar strike in Libya in 2011.

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