Girl Geeks inspire women in technology

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Girl Geeks Technology Academy. Pic © Liverpool Girl Geeks Twitter

A Liverpool group has decided to inspire girls to get more involved in technology to help bridge the divide between the sexes.

The Liverpool Girl Geeks have a stated aim: to increase the number of female professionals in technology and close the gender gap.

This industry has one of the lowest rates of female opportunity, with women making up only 19% of the sector, according to figures collected by the Girl Geeks. The founders set out to change this figure, recognising that something had to be done to ensure women’s future in the occupation.

They predict that, without any intervention, by 2040, only 1% of women will be working in the tech industry.

Emily Cotter, marketing and events manager of Liverpool Girl Geeks, told JMU journalism: “In 2013 we started as an online community, just a Twitter account and a blog and that grew into the business that we have today. We didn’t realised what it could become, with the support of the community, and that other people were really disappointed with the gender imbalance in the tech industry.”

YouTube: Chloe George

They run courses aimed at teens and adults to encourage them to take a career in technology. They are currently in the process of switching their teen tech courses and school programmes to InnovateHer – a further group run by the Girl Geeks, aiming to inspire those aged 11 to 17.

Miss Cotter added: “At the academies we try and get the young girls to see what roles there are in the tech industry because we think it is important place to start from early on.

“We are currently moving all our schools-based programmes over to InnovateHer, Liverpool Girl Geeks towards adult-based courses, on things such as global analyses, graphic design and public speaking because all these things are important.”

YouTube: Liverpool Geek Girls

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