Gifts at work bring Xmas cheer

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Cash for Kids: Helping children from the Merseyside area

Liverpool City Council and the Commercial District Business Improvement Society encouraged the Christmas spirit with their recent campaign urging companies to ‘Bring a Gift to Work’.

The campaign was organised to help local children in poverty have some kind of gift to open on Christmas Day and is part of Radio City’s ‘Cash for Kids’ campaign.

Financial hardship cases, due in part to the double-dip recession and spending cuts, have grown, and a significant number of children’s charities have seen a rapid rise in the amount of cases that they have to deal with.

Ahead of the campaign, Operations Manager of Liverpool DCP, Kevin Whittaker, told JMU Journalism: “We think it’s a fantastic cause and that’s why we decided to back it. The people of Liverpool are known for their generosity and I’m confident that it will be show this year.”

Donations were accepted at many sites across Liverpool, with Radio City Tower beacon being the most prominent. Money can still be donated directly by visiting the Radio City website:

Already local businesses including Downing, Morecrofts LLP, Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, Blankstone Opticians and Liverpool Vision have pledged donations.

Patrons for the charity also include comedian John Bishop, actress Jennifer Ellison and Paralympian Jamie Burdekin.

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