‘Giants Spectacular’ set for return?

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© Mark McNulty/Sea Odyssey

© Mark McNulty/Sea Odyssey

The Giant Spectacular, which wowed Liverpudlians last year, could be set for a return to the streets of the city in 2014.

Liverpool City Council is in talks with the company behind the Sea Odyssey exhibit to bring another spectacular piece of street theatre to the city.

The French company, Royal De Luxe, are in discussions with the council, as well as other cities, to create another event to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War I next year.

A Liverpool City Council spokeswoman said: “We have never made any secret of the fact that we are holding discussions with Royal De Luxe as we would love to work with them again.

“We are one of many cities they are talking to about potential ideas and the chance to stage an event in the future, but no decisions have been made.”

An independent report concluded that the event, which saw a giant ‘little girl’, her 50ft uncle and her dog Xolo travelling  around Liverpool, attracted crowds of 800,000 and generated an estimated £46m for the local economy.

The report also highlighted this event, which marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, to be the most successful event in Liverpool’s history – ahead of fellow French company La Machine which brought its 50ft mechanical spider, La Princesse, to the city in 2008.

At the time, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson agreed with this claim, saying: “This was the biggest event in Liverpool’s history.

Sea Odyssey was a huge hit in Liverpool © Mark McNulty/Sea Odyssey

Sea Odyssey was a huge hit in Liverpool © Mark McNulty/Sea Odyssey

“Liverpool is the only cities in the country that can deliver such a giant cultural event, which has also resulted in giant economic benefits for the city.

“Sea Odyssey put Liverpool on a world stage and I am determined that we will put on more of these types of events in the future to further enhance our reputation as a capital of culture.”

Many locals have welcomed the return of the giants on the Merseyside Facebook page. Ann Carlile, said: “I would love them to come back as I never got to see them last time.

“Surely it would be of financial benefit to the city to attract so many people? Wouldn’t more people equal more money spent during the event in shops, eating places and on transport?”

Cabinet member for Tourism and Culture, Wendy Simon, told JMU Journalism that talks about the potential return are continuing.

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