Giants make big entrance to Liverpool

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Giant’s sandal hanging over Canning Dock. Pic © George Adams, JMU Journalism

The fairytale arrival of the Royal de Luxe Giants has commenced, as a humungous sandal hangs suspended over Canning Dock and more curious sights are appearing around town.

The giant’s enormous sandal is said to have been pulled out of the river by a fishing boat called The Neptune, although now it is held for display over the water by a crane.

Elsewhere, an Arriva bus appeared to be sliced in half by a supersized knife outside Lime Street Station, and the Little Boy Giant lies sleeping at St George’s Hall ahead of making his debut at the three-day public spectacle from Friday to Sunday.

The Giants’ creator, Jean-Luc Courcoult, released a poem intended to accompany the arrival of the sandal, reading: “In the last emergency meeting of city of Liverpool we have observed a piece of information of a very special kind.

Twitter: Abigail Lawrence

“It would seem that a small boat named the Neptune has brought back a fishing net lost on the sea, in which was imprisoned the world’s biggest sandal. Its size is the one of a sperm whale. It looks like a ladybird caught in a butterfly net. The beast is suspended at Canning Dock near the ship.”

In the two previous visits by the giants there have been many more appearances of massive peculiar objects around the city. It is believed that as many as one million people will flock to the city for the ‘Liverpool’s Dream’ event, which will be held on both sides of the River Mersey.

Vivienne Marsh from the Wirral told JMU Journalism: “It’s incredible really. How they manage to make them move so lifelike is beyond me.”

Jack Arrowsmith from Hackney said:“ It’s amazing. It’s crazy how they’ve managed to make something that big and set it up without making too much fuss.”

However, Bruce Cowan from Aigburth was less than impressed, telling JMU Journalism: “It’s a massive waste of money if you ask me. I don’t think the city desperately needed this.”

Additional reporting by Abigail Lawrence & Annie Williams

YouTube: James O’Hanlon

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