Gala raises £20,000 for African children

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Atomic Kitten at the Liverpool Dental Spa Maverick Dinner © Twitter Liverpool Dental Spa

Atomic Kitten at the Liverpool Dental Spa Maverick Dinner © Twitter Liverpool Dental Spa

A charity fundraiser hosted in Liverpool has raised more than £20,000 for children in Africa with septicaemia.

Atomic Kitten performed in one of their first comeback gigs, alongside Liverpudlian X Factor star Christopher Maloney.

The night was organised by Liverpool Dental Spa and was held at the Hilton Hotel this weekend.

One of the organisers, events specialist Julie Perry, told JMU Journalism: “It was an incredibly successful night all-round, with lots of money raised for an amazing cause.”

The charity, Dental Mavericks, provide dental care to children in North Africa who die from blood-related diseases due to infected abscesses. Annual trips by teams of dentists are funded by charitable donations, and their work reaches the most remote villages in countries such as Morocco.

Liz Taylor, business manager at Liverpool Dental Spa, told JMU Journalism: “We raised over £17,000 in the room from our auctions. All the staff who are going out to Morocco for the annual trip are also aiming to raise £1,000 each. That pays for our visa and flights, so all the money raised goes directly to the charity.

“We treat children between the ages of two and 18. What happens with these children is that they get infections and really bad toothache, but it’s a three-day trek across the mountains to get them any form of healthcare. So their parents will dig out their teeth with anything sharp, such as a bicycle spoke. Then they get infected and these children end up dying of septicaemia.”

Liverpool Dental Spa are still raising funds for the charity. You can donate money via Facebook.

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