Fur protesters target Liverpool store

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© Jake Smith/Twitter

Protesters in Liverpool ONE © Jake Smith/Twitter

Liverpool One store Flannels has been targeted by local animal rights campaigners ‘Fur Free Liverpool’, which has accused the designer store of breaking its promise to stop selling fur.

Protests took place outside the store on Saturday where campaigners were seen in cages, dressed as animals and holding placards reading: “Flannels – the shame of Liverpool One.”

One Facebook user, Emma Morris, said: “Loved seeing the anti-fur protesters outside Flannels Fashion in Liverpool One today! They should be utterly ashamed of themselves, as should anyone who shops there and helps to fund the fur trade.”

Fur farming has been banned in the UK since 2001 but fur continues to be imported into Britain.

Flannels, who describe themselves as the “UK’s largest independent luxury retail group”, sell a range of fur from high-end brands including Gucci, Robert Cavalli and Moncler.

Flannels were also targeted during Manchester Fashion Week last year. In response, the previous ‘Boycott Flannels’ campaign claimed that they received a letter from the firm’s Managing Director, Neil Prosser. The letter from last year said: “Flannels can confirm we will not continue to sell fur products now or in the future and will engage in becoming a fur free company.”

Despite the pledge Flannels refused to sign any official documents or agreements about not using fur in the future and campaigners claim they have since started selling fur again.

A spokesperson from ‘Fur Free Liverpool’ said: “The campaign is aimed at informing the public of the shocking reality behind the fur trade and encouraging ethical consumer practice.”

The group has previously picketed other stores in Liverpool including Cricket and Boudoir Boutique in Cavern Walks and Little Red Vintage on Bold Street.

JMU Journalism contacted Flannels but they refused to comment on the story.

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