Fundraising drive for revamped Royal

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Aidan Kehoe on the left along with Ged Carter promoting the appeal. Pic © R-Charity

Aidan Kehoe on the left along with Ged Carter promoting the appeal. Pic © R-Charity

The new Royal Liverpool Hospital is embarking on a fundraising drive in order to facilitate patients with cutting edge equipment and additional comforts.

The Hospital’s Trust Foundation has tasked its fundraising team, R-Charity, to raise £10m. The charity has already managed to raise £3.5m towards the total from fundraising patients, loved ones, local businesses, charitable trusts and hospital staff.

Now the team are calling out on local people and businesses to help collect the remaining £6.5m by summer 2017. By this time the newly revamped hospital will be opened.

The hospital’s chief executive Aidan Kehoe has expressed his vision for what the new hospital will provide in terms of care for patients.

He said: “The new Royal is a hospital designed for patients. We want to fundamentally change the hospital experience for our patients. We are setting new standards of care within the NHS providing every inpatient with a single bedroom with en-suite facilities.”

The cash will be spent on ‘10 special projects’ including three new mammography units for the Breast Unit. Every single patient bedroom will also have a reclining chair with a smart screen television.

‘The Spiritual Centre’ will include a chapel and multi-faith worship room, along with a Therapeutic Garden for patient and family member reflection.

The money will also go towards a state-of-the-art PET Tomography C.T. Scanner and multi-detector Gamma Camera, which will increase enabling earlier diagnoses and accuracy.

Kehoe said: “It will set the standard for what a 21st Century hospital should be like. But we want to go even further and to achieve our vision for the people of Liverpool, we need their support.”

Head of R-Charity’s fundraising, Ged Carter, told JMU Journalism: “The appeal will directly contribute to the strength of our breast care, nuclear medicine, radio-pharmacy, inpatient experience, critical care, radiology/imaging, cardiac care, opthalmology, stroke and clinical research departments.

“It is vital that we reach our target to ensure the new Royal will live up to our vision and give the people of Liverpool the world-class hospital they deserve.”

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