Funds crisis may shut animal rescue centre

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Rescue dog Lakey May on the beach. Pic © Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre may be forced to close its doors as it faces a huge financial crisis.

The well-known centre in Ince Blundell has been caring for abused and unwanted animals for 40 years, but desperately needs new funds to keep afloat.

Dogs and other animals from across the region go to Freshfields in the hopes of giving them a better life, but some are having to be turned away as the centre is becoming overpopulated and staff are beginning to fear for the worst.

They are now appealing to their supporters through their ‘Time of Need Appeal’ for urgent funds. The charity is 100% reliant on donations and is struggling to keep up with providing the best care for the animals they currently look after.

Debbie Hughes, from Freshfields Animal Rescue, told JMU Journalism: “It’s very bad indeed, we are having to close our doors to any new admissions. At the moment, we have around 550 animals and birds that we care for at the rescue centre every day. Just paying the bills is a huge problem; we’re living week to week at the moment, that’s the best way to say it.”

YouTube: Marie Williams

The centre has relied on the generosity of the local community, but in the current economic climate funds have started to dry up.

Debbie said: “If we’re not here in the future, those dogs are going to end up getting put down and we want to be there. We’ve rescued animals from terrible situations of neglect and abuse.

“Every happy dog that goes onto a new home is a big success for us and we want to be there to do that in the future. Things have got so bad, our vet bills are enormous, but also there’s a never-ending supply of animals who need us.

“That’s why we’re doing this appeal and it’s vital that everybody gets the message of just how serious this is. We would have to take the step of trying to resettle the animals that we have already but that is not going to be easy but we don’t want to get to that stage.

“Never think the donation you’re sending is too small, it isn’t. Times have never ever been harder than this.”

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Posted by Freshfields Animal Rescue on Thursday, 23 February 2012

Donations to FreshFields Animal Rescue Centre can be made here.

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