Freshers laughing at society opening

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Drama student Ryan Byrne performing to the audience. Pic © LJMU Comedy Society

Drama student Ryan Byrne performing to the audience. Pic © LJMU Comedy Society

LJMU’s brand new comedy society held its debut, sold-out freshers’ gig at Frederiks in Hope Street, with laughs galore for those who got tickets.

The venue provided a chilled-out, professional atmosphere for the amateur comics, with the 100 tickets snapped up before last week’s event.

Second year BA Hons Drama student, Ryan Byrne, kicked off the show by focusing entirely on the idea of ‘freshers’. He entertained the punters with the ideas that run through all school-leavers’ minds, such as the ‘gap year phase’ before he picked out audience members for special treatment.

Liam Hale had a bit more to live up to than most acts as he recently played the Edinburgh Festival, but he didn’t disappoint.

His biggest laugh came when he brought out his ‘emergency joke’ in a large package. Once opened he revealed a new, smaller package which got smaller and smaller. Minutes later it emerged that it was just a Penguin chocolate bar, and he pretended to not know why the audience were laughing and clapping as he innocently ate his biscuit.

Hannah Plant, John Wardle, Olly Leigh and Alastair Clark also performed on the night, with some comparing Hannah to IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson.

Society president Gregory Kearns said: “It was so touching to see so many people come and be a part of our first comedy night. I think that it encapsulated what we are about as a society and we hope to build on that in the future.”

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