Free cash to be handed out in city

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The envelopes to look out for, photo © Awesome Liverpool

The envelopes to look out for, photo © Awesome Liverpool

The city centre streets are the place to be this Saturday as Awesome Liverpool is teaming up with Independent Liverpool to hand out cash to lucky pedestrians.

Awesome Liverpool is a not-for-profit organisation that awards £500 grants each month to businesses or projects which otherwise wouldn’t necessarily get funding.

This month the organisation decided to join forces with Independent Liverpool to spread happiness through the medium of free cash.

Awesome Liverpool representatives will take to the streets armed with pink envelopes with money inside in the hope that people will be touched by the gesture and in turn do something equally touching with it.

Speaking about last year’s success Zarino Zappia told JMU Journalism: “What was really interesting was seeing how people spent the money.

“There was a kid who went and bought lunch for a homeless person and loads of people donated the cash to Alder Hey Children’s hospital and all sorts. So we wanted to see what would happen if we did it again.”

The money comes from the pockets of 12 trustees who give £50 pounds of their own cash per month and generally want to spread joy.

Zarino far left with members of 'Awesome Liverpool' © Awesome Liverpool

Zarino far left with members of ‘Awesome Liverpool’ © Awesome Liverpool

The concept is a unique perspective on funding dubbed ‘micro financing’.

It was the brain child of a group of friends from Boston and the popularity of the idea soon became went nationwide with people looking to spread joy and solve problems across the US.

It then made its way to Europe and in 2009 the Liverpool branch was established.

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