Football coach tackling mental health during lockdown

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A Liverpool coach is offering one-to-one sessions and zoom meetings to help with fitness and mental health.

Instead of allowing the coronavirus pandemic to halt his progress, Ben Simms, 22, has taken lockdown in his stride by offering football classes to build up technique and fitness while helping to improve mental wellbeing.

Current restrictions only allow him to offer one-on-one training, but this practical experience will allow him to continue his scouting and coaching badges once the national lockdown is lifted.

He said: “These sessions mean I can get the experience under my belt and create a portfolio when it comes to eventually getting my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), and also gives people a chance to get fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.”


Statistics from mental health charity MIND show that 60% of adults and 68% of young adults have said that their mental health has got worse over lockdown. 

Research has shown that keeping fit is a major step in maintaining your mental health. Ben said: “Getting out and getting active is so important, even 20 minutes a day, just getting outside is a big help. Fitness, sport, no matter what you do whether it’s light, moderate or vigorous, positively affects your social aspects.”

The government has issued guidance for those struggling with mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, while MIND also has guidance on their website.

The English FA has stated that as of April 2021, they will take full responsibility for delivering all coach education courses as they transition to be based online, meaning no other physical contact with other coaches.

Said Ben: “With being able to complete courses through the practical work, upon comparison it’s obviously not the best. At least there are resources available online to access at the moment, so I think that’s good.”

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