First Knowsley Comic Con proves a hit

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Some of the items the public could buy. Pic © Megan Stringer JMU Journalism

Sci-fi and Marvel fans were out in force on Saturday as the first Knowsley Comic Con took place. 

The event, held at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park in Huyton, offered attendees the chance to play retro games, buy rare and exclusive merchandise and also meet some famous guests, including Clem So, who has worked on movies such as Doctor Strange, Skyfall and Star Wars.

Co-organiser Gareth Royston told JMU Journalism: “Myself and Nick Roach have both traded at comic cons for a while now, and last year we decided to host our own con.

“The main reason for putting this on was to get the local community involved and that’s why we put the prices really low. All the guests jumped on board with it, they saw what we were doing and we were contacted by Clem So and Lee Bradley directly because they saw how cheap we were doing things and liked the family aspect of it so it wasn’t hard getting them.

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“The response has been good and looking at the feedback on the Facebook page, people are saying they have had a great day and thank you for putting the event on.”

The event was priced at £4 adults, £2 for 10 – 16 year olds, and a family of four for £8. 

Other guests included actor Dominic Pace from The Mandalorian, and Marvel comic book artist, Lee Bradley.

Actor Clem So told JMU Journalism: “Last year I attended 37 conventions, so I guess for me there is a demand. For the kind of things I’ve worked on I do reach a broad fan base.

“I don’t personally consider them to be fans of me, but rather fans of the franchises that I have worked on and I am like a live extension of that.” 

Next on the list for enthusiasts is Liverpool Comic Con at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool from March 6 – 8, 2020.

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