First aid course could save pets’ lives

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PDSA Pet Hospital in Kirkdale. Pic © Emma Fegan JMU Journalism

Animal owners are being offered free workshops to learn techniques that may just save their pets’ lives.

Many pet ‘parents’ do not know how to act if their animal is in a life-threatening situation where time is of the essence, but a Liverpool charity is helping to spread awareness.

PDSA aims to demystify the process of raising pets by providing expert knowledge that could one day could prove vital.

Vet nurse, Rebecca Schofield, who runs the courses in Liverpool, told JMU Journalism: “We teach first aid which can equip pet owners with valuable skills to be ‘first responders’ if their pet gets into an accident.

“These don’t replace veterinary treatment, but in an emergency these could quite literally save a pet’s life.

“Even though it’s something you hope will never happen, it’s best to be proactive. Keeping a first aid kit in the car and in the bathroom cupboard and brushing up on the basics can make a real difference should an accident happen.”

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Ms Schofield spoke about the topics that are covered and the impact of being aware of certain warning signs, saying: “Knowing your ABC’s for animals – airway, breathing and circulation – can help you to assess your pet if they collapse and give CPR if necessary.

“Stemming bleeding using firm pressure or a temporary bandage can buy you valuable time until you can get your pet to the vets.

“We’ve seen several examples of pet owners putting our advice into practice after coming on our courses, where without them they might not have known what to do.”

The next workshop will take place on the November 30th at the PDSA pet hospital in Celia Street.

To find out more and receive a free first aid guide copy, click here.

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