Firms show off at Digital Manufacturing Week

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Smart Factory Expo at Liverpool Exhibition Centre. Pic © Megan Tattersley JMU Journalism

Ideas were shared and innovations were displayed as Liverpool hosted Europe’s biggest digital manufacturing event this week.

The Smart Factory Exposition and a leaders’ summit meeting brought 6,000 manufacturing executives together all under one roof at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

This allowed businesses across the city to meet with different companies that were offering to help them transform and upgrade their products and services.

The types of manufacturing firms varied, with some focused on reducing greenhouse gases, such as FeTu Roticulate from north of Carlisle.

This business has created a new technology that allows machines to create renewable energy. Founder, Jonathan Fenton, told JMU Journalism: “Within five years the ice caps will melt unless we make changes now. This innovation will allow businesses to reduce their own carbon footprint.”

Digital corporation HP has also created a device that saves energy, with a new printing product which reduces the amount of coloured ink used, with a focus on how to speed up the process of printing.

YouTube: Megan Tattersley

Increasing productivity was the a recurring theme at most of the stands, including 123 Insight which offers to speed up people’s efficiency with a “rapid return on investment”. The firm provides factories with evaluation workshops to save time and remove the risk of making mistakes.

The Southampton company has only recently started coming to showcases like this after a ten-year break.

Martin Bailey, the manager for the software company, told JMU Journalism: “Coming to this event has been good because it’s specifically focused on manufacturing.

“Liverpool has exceeded my expectations. Everyone is engaged and can be a potential customer, allowing the city’s companies to develop.”

The event will conclude on Thursday with more workshops, guest speakers and The Manufacturer MX Awards.

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