Final 20mph signs to be installed

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Joe Anderson has said he is supportive of the campaign  © The 20 Effect Official Website

Joe Anderson has said he is supportive of the campaign © The 20 Effect official website

The final set of 20mph road signage is due for completion this week in the Wavertree and Kensington areas as part of a speed reduction campaign.

The 20 Effect campaign, introduced by Liverpool City Council and Primary Trust, intends to lessen the number of road collisions on residential streets in Liverpool and ultimately promote safer driving by encouraging a slower speed.

Liverpool has the second highest rate of road injury – and by reducing the speed limit from 30 to 20mph could prevent 54 collisions each year and help reduce serious injury by 22%.

Seven areas across Liverpool were chosen by organisers of the campaign to have a 20mph zone implemented with the residential streets of Wavertree, Kensington, Central Liverpool and Childwall being labelled the highest priority and the first to have the new signs installed.

In December Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson who supports the campaign said: “The introduction of the new 20mph signs across Liverpool is a major milestone in making our roads, and our neighbourhoods, safer. This is a really important project which will bring massive benefits to our city and potentially save hundreds of lives.

“The number of accidents on our roads has been reducing over the years but we are determined to cut them even further. We want to create a city for living in, rather than just a thoroughfare for vehicles, and an increase in 20mph roads will play a major part in helping us achieve that.”

Along with the backing of Hollyoaks stars and Mersey Police, the 20 Effect has also worked closely with residents in the past few months by consulting them on their plans. A spokesperson for the campaign told JMU Journalism that organisers had spoken with residents and the majority were very supportive.


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