Film firm seeks shoppers’ samples

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The portaloos and workers at the urine sample tent. Pic © Katie Preece JMU Journalism

Television programme makers were on a mission in Liverpool this week… seeking shoppers’ urine.

Firecracker Films is currently making a documentary about bodily fluid waste and what information they can gain from it.

Using new state-of-the-art technology and medical expertise, they were were in Church Street on Monday to take samples to find out how much junk food someone eats, if they smoke and how much they drink.

They will be comparing Liverpool to other cities around the UK to look for trends in ages, genders and types of food consumed, to see how healthy our nation really is.

YouTube: Katie Preece

Tom Sharp from Firecracker Films told JMU Journalism: “As part of a new 90-minute programme for a UK broadcaster, we are making a health map of Britain.

“We’re testing people’s urine for drugs, alcohol, smoking and diet, and then we’re going to see which cities are healthiest.”

The company advertised the experiment as “taking the p**s out of Liverpool”. The anonymous results will tell where Liverpool lies in comparison to other places, and participants had to give a urine sample in the portaloos provided.

The award-winning Firecracker Films has produced shows such as Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, Dr Christian Will See You Now and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

The ‘health map of Britain’ shows will be on television for the public early in the new year and the channel it will feature on will be announced soon.

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