Fears for swans after death in park

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A cygnet prods a dead swan. Pic © Ryan Ferguson

A cygnet has died and its parent swan allegedly attacked in a Merseyside park.

There are now only two swans remaining in the lake, and their safety is now uncertain.

Locals around the Prescot-Whiston area became aware of the incident in Stadt Moers Park when Ryan Ferguson brought it to people’s attention by sharing an image of the deceased cygnet on Prescot Chat Facebook group.

It is thought to have died as a result of abandoned fishing debris.

Mr Ferguson captioned the image: “I very rarely tell people how boss Whiston is for kids anymore. This is why.”

The incident was later reported to the RSPCA by Lisa Knowles, who was to leave the body of the swan in the lake, so that it could be collected and used as evidence. Investigations are ongoing.

YouTube: Stu Drone

The incident has brought residents together to help banish anti-social behaviour locally. A Facebook group, Supporters of Stadt Moers Park, has been set up to discuss ways in which the park can be kept safe.

Swans alive and well at Stadt Moers Park. Pic © Geoff Jones

A meeting with those responsible for the upkeep of the park was held this week to discuss matters further.

A statement Supporters of Stadt Moers Park said: “It is clear that a lot of good work is already taking place at the park to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all that use it.

“We will be working with the existing team and authorities to support them in whatever way we can to ensure that the park is a safe and enjoyable place for many years to come. We will also be looking at suggesting improvements and again offering any support we possibly can.

“We would suggest that further any anti-social behaviour that is witnessed by any member of the public is reported either to Merseyside Police, crime-stoppers or the local council.”


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