Fast food chain to create 140 jobs

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McDonald's Ranleigh Street. ©

McDonald’s Ranleigh Street. ©

Billion pound fast food chain McDonald’s is set to create 140 jobs in Merseyside this year

Of those new jobs, 30 will be specific to Liverpool.

The announcement comes following McDonald’s commitment to create 2,500 positions throughout the whole of the UK in 2013.

Last year, the company made the same promise and exceeded their target by over 1,000, increasing the current workforce in the UK to 91,000.

With an extensive NEET problem in Merseyside, the opportunity arises at a relevant time, as McDonalds is known for employing young people.

Last year 70% of the new positions available were given to people under the age of 21.

Paul Griffiths, a local McDonald’s franchisee, owns three restaurants across Merseyside.

He said: “In 2012 we added some fantastic crew from the local community to our team, many of whom were starting out in their first job and may otherwise not have had the opportunity to join the world of work.

“I’m confident that in the year ahead there will be the same level of enthusiasm and talent from candidates in Merseyside, and I’m looking forward to employing even more young people in my restaurants.”

McDonald’s have promised that the new Merseyside employees will be given the chance of progession.

Noted for its training programmes, on which it spends £40m a year, the company promises the recruits will be able to gain nationally recognised qualifications while working for the company, providing them with valuable skills and experience.

Ricki Jackson, 20, currently works at the city centre store on Ranleigh Street.

He told JMU Journalism: “There’s a programme called The Apprenticeship where they help people get five GCSE’s if they don’t have any.

“I already had mine, but some of the staff were delighted, it gave them something to focus on.

“You can only get promoted if you work towards the apprenticeship. I think the opportunities are great, you can move up the ladder of employment and gain qualifications.”

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