Farm pledges to reduce carbon impact

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Claremont Farm, Wirral. Pic © Annie Williams JMU Journalism

A Wirral farm has pledged to improve its recycling levels in a bid to reduce its carbon impact.

Claremont Farm in Bebington has joined forces with B&M Waste Services to enhance recycling levels to do its bit to help save the planet.

The family-run farm, now in its fourth generation, has been growing fruit and vegetables since 1906 and has recently expanded its shop and opened a café which serves home-grown produce.

One of the farm’s directors, Andrew Pimbley, told JMU Journalism: “We have always been environmentally-conscious. The farm is part of the higher level environmental stewardship scheme, which means that we pay specific attention to the environment and the wildlife, so we have always made an effort to be environmentally friendly.

“With the waste that we produce at the shop or in the farm, we make a big effort to deal with that responsibly, like everybody should do. Every individual should be dealing with what they’re producing and not just thinking that it is somebody else’s problem because it is our problem.”

Home to the world’s first pop-up asparagus restaurant, Claremont is a firm favourite among local restaurants, retailers and shoppers for its home-grown produce and has been at the forefront of Merseyside’s biodegradable movement.

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Andrew said: “It has been too many years now that we [as individuals] have forgotten that this is our planet, what we do causes a ripple effect. Every little thing that we buy has an effect, everything that we do, every action, every bit of waste that we create – something has to happen to it.”

Claremont has teamed up with Birkenhead waste service, Bagnall & Morris, to ensure that its produce is recycled or disposed in the correct way.

Mr Pimbley said: “After looking around at different companies to help, it was Bagnall & Morris that provided a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ that we could get everything dealt with there, from the glass, food, cardboard and general waste. It makes segregating our waste a lot easier for us to do.”

B&M Waste has helped Claremont move to segregated waste streams to ensure that the farm is able to recycle everything that it can.

The Pimbley family hopes that the movement will inspire businesses alike and lead others to make a conscious effort to be more environmentally safe.

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