Equipment stolen from band’s van

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The smashed back window of the van where the equipment was left.

The smashed back window of the van where the equipment was left.

A band had approximately £7,000 worth of musical equipment stolen from the back of a van while they were in Liverpool recording songs.

A total of 32 items were stolen from their van which they had parked in Greenland Street on Saturday afternoon. The equipment stolen included seven guitars, plus pedal boards and tuners. The thieves also stole a red jumper and a book full of lyrics.

Clockwork Radio, a Manchester-based band were in the city after playing at the Threshold Festival on Friday and had left the van while they were in the Elevator Studios on Saturday afternoon.

Vocalist and guitarist Rich Williams told JMU Journalism: “The monetary value of the instruments was between £6,000 to £7000 but obviously there were guitars, pedals and things that held a lot of sentimental value as they were items that we had built up over the last six or seven years.

“A lot of the money we saved up from working, touring and selling our CDs went into the equipment so that we could give people a good show and record to a better quality.

“Obviously we can’t replace or remember all the things like lyrical and song ideas that were in a writing pad that was also taken, so that’s also a blow.”

The guitars stolen include a Taylor 210e acoustic, Fender Mexican Strat, Tanglewood acosutic and Farida acoustic. A Fender American Stratocaster Sunburst guitar, of which the body had been distinctively burnt with a blowtorch, and a Fender American Telecaster Sunburst guitar with a unique symbol on the scratch plate were also stolen.

The band are originally from Wales but are now based in Manchester.

The band are originally from Wales but are now based in Manchester.

A post on the band’s Facebook page appealed for help and information about the theft. Another later post read: “We appreciate all the help with spreading the word about our lost gear!! As has been mentioned, hindsight is a wonderful thing; the stupidity of us leaving that amount of gear in a van is all too aware to us now.”

The band remains hopeful that somebody somewhere knows something about the theft. Mr Williams said: “I’d like to be optimistic in thinking that some of the items may turn up but realistically we’re expecting the worst. The response from people on the internet has been great and I’m sure if we do get anything back it will be thanks to them.

“We aren’t cancelling any immediate plans or performances. We’re still heading out on our UK and EU tour in April and will continue to write the next record in the meantime.”

Friends and other musicians have offered to lend the band equipment in the meantime while they search to find the stolen gear. Anyone with any information on the theft can get in touch with the band via email at

A full list of the items stolen is available on the band’s website >>.

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