Energy prices higher on Merseyside

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Lightbulb. Pic © Wikimedia / Creative Commons

Lightbulb. Pic © Wikimedia / Creative Commons

Energy prices in Liverpool are disproportionately higher than in the rest of the North West meaning Merseysiders are paying millions of pounds extra a year for the same amount of energy.

In neighbouring Manchester residents pay up to £38 less annually than people in Liverpool. On Merseyside the average energy bill is up to £634 annually. With around 475,000 people living in Liverpool this means about £17.7 million more each year is spent by residents in the city than those on the other side of the North West.

Former Liverpool councillor Paul Clein took to the Liverpool Echo to demand the introduction of a national pricing structure that would stop Merseyside residents being ripped-off based on their postcode.

Councillor for Energy, James Noakes, told JMU Journalism he comes into contact with many of his constituents struggling with prices.

He said: “Energy costs are a massive issue for people I speak to. The concern is that energy is an increasingly expensive part of people’s day to day lives.

“The issue is not simply that other places have considerably lower prices compared to here due to distribution network differences. The problem is much more complex than that involving building-stock commercially, residentially, income levels, geography and historic investment as well as distribution issues.”

SP Manweb, which is the licensed Merseyside power supplier, has said that prices are higher in he region due to the unique design and high performance of the Liverpool electrical system which is more complex than neighbouring towns.

It argues that it delivers the best customer performance in Great Britain, with fewer interruptions. A spokesman also revealed prices are due to reduce in Merseyside in the coming years due to their investment.

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