Edge Hill Station blossoms with Wi-Fi

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Edge Hill station Wi-Fi garden. Pic © James Farrington JMU Journalism

An organic Wi-Fi mast has been launched at Edge Hill Station as part of a European Day of Artistic Creativity in Liverpool.

Metal is an artistic laboratory that re-opened the garden as part of a promotion of new artwork, and the outside space will offer the public a free open-access network while they are on their travels.

The garden is run by rail users and volunteers who are aiming to provide a more pleasing experience to people looking at their phones or tablets on their boring commute.

Their ultimate goal is to get people, especially students, to take time to appreciate the outdoor scenery.

YouTube: James Farrington

Jenny Porter, Project Manager for Metal at Edge Hill Station, said: “We launched the garden for the growing season with an aim to give the commuters a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

“The community garden has been run for a few years and everybody can get involved. The garden is for everyone and on a sunny day it a great place to be.”

“We have a drummer tonight who is trying to highlight the different rhythms of the garden and the internet itself has. The drummer is for fun, but with his music he is trying to promote how quick the internet makes our lives in comparison with the sun, plants and the weather.”

Network engineer, Dave Evans, launched the Wi-Fi space, which initially has a three-month residency. The ceremonial unveiling of the improved garden was done by Mr Evans, and Metal complemented the evening with hot food, drinks and a live musician.

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