Downton Abbey glamour on show

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© National Museums Liverpool

© National Museums Liverpool

A glamorous exhibition showcasing dresses from ITV’s period drama Downton Abbey will launch this weekend at the Lady Lever Gallery in Liverpool.

The display includes a number of outfits worn by characters such as Lady Mary, Lady Grantham and Dowager Countess Grantham, alongside other 1920s dresses once owned by Liverpool’s very own elite.

Cosprop, the costume provider for a number of film, TV and stage productions, has revealed how it managed to capture that period of time through its designs.

Curator of Costume and Textiles, Pauline Rushton said in a press release: “Cosprop’s costumes created for ‘Downton Abbey’ are fabulously detailed and a ‘must-see’ for any fans of the programme, who will be thrilled to be able to get a close look at costumes worn by their favourite characters.”

The display will compare small screen style outfits with dresses from the museum’s Tinne collection, named after Liverpool Lady Mrs Tinne.

The exhibition also focusses on the changing state of fashion in the 20th century and the more ‘daring’ dress code of the late 1920s in Liverpool.

Rushton added: “They also provide a great springboard for the ‘real thing’ from our own collection. Dazzling evening gowns made from rich fabrics and glittering sequins and glass beads are thrilling examples of the escapism fashion could offer those who could afford it, as well as an indication of changing attitudes in society.”

The exhibition will run from Saturday 10th October until January 18th next year and entry is free.

Video report by Jana Sutenko, JMU Journalism TV

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