Do you think Brexit will still happen?

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Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling to get agreement in talks with other European leaders over Brexit. Theresa May pic © Annika Haas Wikimedia Commons

The fate of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union still hangs in the balance, with the Government so far frustrated in its attempts to negotiate a Brexit settlement.

Both sets of politicians involved in the ‘divorce’ talks blame each other for the lack of progress to date, with the prospect of no deal being reached seeming a distinct possibility, although the United Kingdom is staying on its course to quit the EU.

While Prime Minister Theresa May was in Brussels haggling with European leaders again on Friday, we sent a team of more than 100 reporters out onto the streets of Liverpool to ask 474 people from the UK: “What’s your view of Brexit now… and do you think it will still happen?”

The overwhelming majority said they believed that the current policy will not be reversed, with many citing that the democratic process must be seen through to its conclusion. More than three quarters felt we will eventually leave the EU, as 362 (76.4%) stated that yes, it will go ahead.

More people were left uncertain than were emphatic in their views that Brexit will be stopped, as 63 (13.3%) said they either did not know or were unsure, with just 49 (10.3%) stating their opinion that it will never actually take place.

Speke resident, David McGowan, 29, is far from impressed with how things are proceeding. He said: “It’s been a bit of a shambles. The Government are deluded with what they’re trying to achieve in negotiation. I still think that Brexit will happen, but the Government need to be more realistic in negotiations.”

Some, such as Mary Richardson, fully support the June 2016 referendum verdict and expect it to be delivered.

The 66-year-old from Maghull told JMU Journalism: “Yes. I voted to come out because they have got power over us. We aren’t part of Europe and we will never be. I remember going into it and we haven’t had a good deal. We are far better on our own. We are a powerful country.”

Others, such as 19-year-old Lizzie Goodeson of Scarborough, expressed regret, but felt that leaving the EU is now irreversible. She told JMU Journalism: “I think it was a stupid idea. I hope it won’t go ahead, but yes it will because of stubborn Britishness. I voted remain.”

Jacob Smith was one of those convinced that the deal is, in all senses, far from sealed. The 27-year-old from West Kirby said: “It’s an absolute mess, it won’t still happen. The Government have no idea what they’re doing and from what the press are reporting the negotiations are going terribly with the EU, so there won’t be an agreement, in my opinion.”

Alan Gillespie, 41, of Liverpool, admitted to being undecided about what the final outcome will be, saying: “I think the further we get into it, the more unlikely it looks. It’s a really difficult position for whoever’s in charge because it’s kind of like an act of self-violence. We live in a democracy and people have voted for it. I’m just disappointed that the case for remain wasn’t better.”

Scroll through the edited comments below to read more of the public’s opinions in our exclusive poll.

JMU Journalism Level 4 students 2017. Pic © JMU Journalism

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